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Are You Angry or Disappointed That Life Isn't Going Your Way?

Many of us ended up with something very different in life than what we wanted. We may often feel that things and events happen to us (think car accident), which understandably, can leave us with feelings of no control over our own lives.

We can, however, gain control as we change what we think about events in our lives that may not have been our fault. That might look like a bold statement but as crazy as it sounds, things are never certain but it is really possible—and even kind of simple—once you understand how the mind creates and maintains unhappiness, fear and angst or any other label that we use to describe our distress.

​Suffering: Let Me Count the Ways

​The fears we hold onto as humans seems endless but we also suffer with things like every-day stress, grief and loss, trauma, anxiety and disappointments. Many of us experience lack of joy, self confidence, money, love, and respect. If we are slogging through the day in order to just get by, we are stressing and suffering—and needlessly so.

The Bad News / Good News

The bad news is— "memories buried alive never die". Through no real fault of our own (because we are hard-wired for self-protection), we may have unconsciously buried or deflected emotional injury that may be causing us physical or emotional pain and suffering now.  The good news is, the emotional connection to pain could be unlearned and disconnected which allows us to live a better life! Again, these are possibilities.

 The Key is What You Hold Inside

We hold all kinds of stuff in our minds. Consciously we know what those things might be— like – I love ice cream!  What we are rarely aware of, however, is the unconscious/subconscious thoughts about ice cream. Why do we love it? Oftentimes ice cream, or maybe a special flavor of ice cream, represents something else. Maybe it was a connection with someone or a happy event and every time you eat coffee ice cream (my personal favorite), for instance, you feel good. Ah... the taste and texture of cold creamy sweetness surrounds your tongue. I'll take another scoop please!

Invisible Connections

Maybe your father loved ice cream too and it's become an unconscious way of staying connected to him. But what if…you can't control how much you serve yourself at any one sitting?  What if you can't just eat one handful of potato chips but instead eat half the bag? Perhaps by not allowing those things in your house, you think you have some measure of control. So let me ask you—if you avoid it, who is in control— you or the ice cream? Hint: It isn't you.

Using a protocol called Faster EFT might help you gain control 

 You may have heard of Faster EFT or maybe not. Here's a brief overview.

Faster EFT aides in the possible disconnect of negative emotion which impacts us adversely. Faster EFT has less to do with energy and more to do with how the mind works and how it processes emotions and feelings. It's really about environmental brain science and epigenetics. Cutting edge Faster EFT has proven to be faster than most other alternative processes and could make deep lasting changes..

Traditional EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a meridian acupressure point tapping process which is oftentimes effective in changing unwanted emotional blockages. EFT is largely thought of as an energy healing technique. Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformation), in part, grew out of EFT. FEFT, however, is not an energy healing technique, but rather a combination of several protocols, including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which includes a tapping technique in its process.

So what's that got to do with my ice cream addiction?

Well... if you are feeling badly about your weight--maybe quite a bit! Diets don't really work. Most dieters gain all the weight back and more. The reasons for eating should be about feeding the body when it's hungry and not about eating because it makes us feel connected or because we have been programmed to clean our plates. When we identify hidden programs or beliefs about food and change them using this system, we could lose weight without real effort and without dieting. 

A Pathway to Emotional Intelligence

I'm a Faster EFT Practitioner

Whether or not we are able to have ice cream in our freezers is only a small example of the types of things that seem to control many of our lives. Faster EFT has the potential to help rid ourselves of fears, past traumas, obsessions, anxieties, negative beliefs about ourselves and much more. Faster EFT tools can even help reduce physical discomfort. No one wants to be uncomfortable... unless you do— but that's another belief/program that is possible to change. We can instead, choose emotional intelligence and I might be able to help you find that path.

We Could All Use Better Coping Skills

We learned quite a bit in school but most of us had never been taught any meaningful coping skill or financial know-how. Both of those skills are needed to navigate the world beyond high school or college. I can't train you in economics or teach you how to balance your checkbook but I can you help develop better coping skills.

Had I had better coping skills when I was younger my life would have been very different. Like so many others, in my search to relieve emotional pain, I found Faster EFT. It's changed my life in subtle ways but has also shown me how my thinking creates situations and attitudes around me. It's always about what I project and attract. Just that awareness alone allows me to make a shift in thinking when I go off track. My only regret is that I didn't find it sooner—but better late than never- right?.​

We wouldn't be human if we we didn't have something in our lives to challenge us. Through adversity, we grow. 

Through pain and hardship we can gain understanding. This can become a stepping stone to letting go and letting go  can start the healing process. We need not live in emotional discomfort but can  also grow and learn from it. There are easy-to-use tools that are readily available to us.

Consider some of these Faster EFT healing attitudes :

  • We are not broken. There is nothing wrong with us. We successfully produce what we don't want (problems) and therefore can successfully produce what we do want. Are we ready to create something new?
  • Whatever we believe with feeling becomes our reality. Think about that for a moment and you will see that's it's true. Where have these beliefs taken us so far?
  • Feelings and sensations in the body are expressions of the mind. It's a way the mind communicates. The body is the mind's message center. Are we ready to listen to what it is telling us?

Change What's Inside and Your View of the World Can Change Too.

See what some of my clients have to say:

“I have to say that I was skeptical… I felt that I had a handle on the best ways to improve the unwanted circumstances in my life, and that I was doing okay. I have always considered myself on the open minded side, and fortunately I had the good sense to partake in a Faster EFT session with Alice Deeny. The session opened up an approach to healing that I would never have thought possible. For the first two weeks I still wasn’t willing to give the sessions credit for the subtle yet obvious (positive) changes that occurred, but it wasn’t long before I realized it was undeniable, and still after many months the rewards remain.”

“Absolutely amazing… Alice’s work was enlightening, emotional, and entertaining while performed with professionalism and confidentiality.”

“Not a miracle, but a probable solution.”

Terry Armstrong

"In addition, to being a friendly and fun person, Alice Deeny is a skilled Faster EFT practitioner. She has helped me use Faster EFT to address critical issues, helping me make some important "connections" that improved my outlook and sense of well-being. If you are looking for an effective yet compassionate Faster EFT practitioner, look no further than this lady."

Margherita in Virginia

"Alice has delivered what she offers. She has a strong technique with a gentle application. She gets to the point and clears issues directly and with determination. I have benefited from Alice's expertise and recommend her highly."

Susan R., Boise, ID

My tap session with Alice had a very magical moment which she was able to share. She was helping me to clear my challenging emotions linked to my son who was recovering from 40 percent second degree burns. He was in hospital’s burn unit, a very long distance from my location and seeing him was not possible at the time. Alice had me envision my son in his hospital bed and send him an outpouring of pure love. I felt peaceful inside as in my mind I was beside him. Through the tapping and my imagination of being with him my anxiety and stress released. We continued to tap on my heartache and a moment later my telephone rang. I told Alice I needed to answer it and kept the skype line open. To my heart’s delight it was my son Jade. It was after 6:00 a.m. his time and he had awakened and phoned me. Alice was a witness to my smiles. Upon hanging up the phone I exclaimed, “Do you suppose he just felt my distant healing love I sent him?” She replied, “Yes, seems that way to me.” Thanks to my Faster EFT session with Alice I now have another treasure of a memory to hold close to my heart. Thanks Alice and Faster EFT.

Carol Ann​, PEI, Canada

If you are curious about this idea or just want to know more, you can read more on the blog, contact me or book a session.

Isn't it Time to Change Life into What You Want it to Be?